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Интерскол МС-350


active, 90x35 mm, 4/9-13 DIN, protection against UV/IR 16, 450 g

Main (Интерскол МС-350)
The type of mask active
Field of view 90 X 35 mm
The original dimming 4 DIN
The shade range filter 9 - 13 DIN
The response time, the light/dark at 25°C 0.0001 MS
The response time of the dark/light 0.1 — 1 ms
Dimensions and weight (Интерскол МС-350)
Weight 450 g
Additionally (Интерскол МС-350)
Location adjustment external
Protection against UV/IR radiation 16
Battery type sun, AAA
A filter that transmits natural color
Operating temperature from -5 to +55 °C
Trim (Интерскол МС-350)
Forced air supply
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